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Associate Professor of Economics, University of Sydney

E-Mail: david.ubilava@sydney.edu.au

Twitter: @DavidUbilava

Substack: TheGuessProject

My primary research area is agricultural economics with interests in commodity markets and price analysis. I have established an international reputation for my research that applies granular data to study fundamental societal issues that cause or are consequences of global commodity price movements. Specifically, I have studied the role of climate shocks on commodity price dynamics, and I have examined the relationship between commodity prices and political violence in conflict-prone economies.

My research has been published in leading field and interdisciplinary journals such as American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Health Economics, World Development, and Global Environmental Change, among others. As of 29 November 2023, my research has received 973 citations as per Google Scholar.

For my teaching, I have won the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Teaching Excellence Award in 2017.

I currently serve as an associate editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics (from 2022), and as a co-editor of Food Policy (from 2018). Previously, I served as an associate editor of the Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (from 2020 to 2021).

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